Gansbaai Whale Watching – South Africa – 1st-Aug – 2021

Gansbaai Whale Watching - Best location in South Africa.

Gansbaai Whale Watching on the 1st-Aug-2021 and our Southern Right Whales were feeling rather frivolous yesterday, with 3 single adults coming together to make us a little whale for next years season.

Gansbaai Whale Watching - South Africa

We set out just before 1pm in search of our favourite ocean giants, passing the protected area of De Kelders before making a b-line for the beach.

It didn’t take too long for our skipper, Johan, to spot some playful behaviour from above, so we moved in closer to see what the whales were up to.

Chivalry was definitely the order of the day, with the male whales pulling out all the stops, showing off their best moves as they rolled around and arched themselves in the direction of the very pretty girl.

Gansbaai Whale Watching - 1st-Aug 2021 Trip

She had lovely white patches on her belly, which we got a great view of as she lay on her back, exposing her genital slits and tummy out of the water.

Gansbaai Whale Watching - Possible the best Location in the world!

Sometimes we think the females do this for a little break, but soon the fun and frolicking resumed!

Gansbaai Whale Wathching - SRW - Flipper

We had one whale slap the water with his flipper a couple of times, giving off a tremendous noise.

The whales were also liberal with their tails, showing them off to us as they took dives close to the boat.

They also found some time to do some people watching in between all of their own fun, coming in for a closer look and doing some spy hopping to our absolute delight.

Gansbaai Whale Watching - SRW - Arched Back

One of the gentle giants gave us a beautiful show as he arched his back out the water, which is something we don’t encounter all too often but love to see.

In the photographs from yesterday’s tour, you’ll find that the whales were on their sides a lot, giving us some glimpses at their eyes, though I didn’t manage to catch an open eye.

We also managed to spot a seal or two and a little African Penguin on our way back to the harbour.

We had an amazing time with all of our lovely guests and can’t wait to head back out on Monday again.

Gansbaai Whale Watching - Front Deck of Ivanhoe Gansbaai Whale Watching - 1-8-2021

Today is also a very special day for two reasons, the first is that it is the first ever #marineprotectedareaday in South Africa!

We operate between two Marine Protected Areas, both of which we do not enter during whale season as it is very important that our whales have places where boats are not interacting with them.

Today is also our amazing colleague, Jurie Smal 's birthday! We wish him the most incredible day and are so thankful to have him as part of the team.

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